Motivational Interviewing Training - Behavioral Health Staff Cohort
Calendar: Training & Technical Assistance Calendar
Type: Public
Title: Motivational Interviewing Training - Behavioral Health Staff Cohort
Group: IPCA Staff
Owner: Kaylin Faranda [IPCA Staff]
Start: Oct 05, 2022 09:00 AM America/Mountain
End: Oct 05, 2022 01:00 PM America/Mountain
Description: Behavioral Health Staff Cohort: October 5- December 28
Introductory Training: Wednesday, October 5, 9-1 MST (4 hours)
Follow-up Trainings: Wednesdays 12-1 MST (1 hour), October 19, November 2, 16 & 30, December 14 & 28 *
Audience: Behavioral Health Staff, and MI-invested staff
Advanced level training
*A calendar invitation will be sent after registering with the information containing the Follow-Up Trainings.

Participants in this cohort will have more experience in motivational interviewing and in supporting behavioral change, so we will be able to dive deeper, more quickly with this cohort. The application of this education will be more advanced than previous cohorts, include more advanced and behaviorally complex examples, as well as nuanced practice.

IPCA will be providing four (4) cohorts of Motivational interviewing (MI) trainings over 2022. Each cohort will begin with a 4-hour Motivational Interviewing training and be followed by six (6) 1-hour trainings. Each cohort will be targeted toward a different health center audience, adapted based on the needs of those present: Frontline/Front desk, Clinical Staff, Managers/Leadership, and Behavioral health staff and others looking for more advanced MI training.

Learning Objectives
The adaptive training format used includes learning:
• Simple definitions and Spirit of MI
• Simple Micro OARS skills (Open ended questions, Affirmations, Reflections and Summary statements),
• Mid-level engagement skills including dancing with discord (previously rolling with resistance) and empathy
• Mid-level focusing skills including asking permission before giving advice, agenda mapping, and elicit-provide-elicit
• Mid-level evocation skills including recognizing change talk, eliciting change/confidence talk, and consolidating commitment
• Mid-level planning skills including how to transition to the planning process and elicit a plan effectively
• Complex “put-it-all-together” skills.
Location: Hosted by IPCA
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