New Behavioral Health Center in St. Anthony

Grand Peaks Medical & Dental Opens Behavioral Health Center

A community health center since 2008, Grand Peaks Medical & Dental recently opened a new wellness center that will focus on behavorial health that is integrated with medical and dental care.

With the help of a $700,000 federal grant, Grand Peaks was able to build a 6,000 square foot building in St. Anthony to provide health services, including mental health and family counseling. 

“I think now that they (the state) understand that the majority of people struggling with a mental health issue need to meet with somebody to make sense out of it,” Hadlock said. “People still function very well at a high level, but occasionally they need to address an issue. This integrated program has been proven to work very well. That's why we're very excited to offer it here”, said Brian Hadlock Grand Peaks CEO. 

Read the 8/29/17 Rexburg Standard Journal article: "Grand Peaks to open behavioral health center in St. Anthony"

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