Allumbaugh House Helps Idahoans Escape Addiction

Allumbaugh House Helps People, Saves Taxpayer Dollars

Allumbaugh House, operated by Terry Reilly Health Services has been a lifeline for Treasure Valley residents since 2009. The detox and mental health crisis center served 864 people in 2016 - people who otherwise would have had no other options.

Support and funding for Allumbaugh House comes from Idaho Department of Health & Welfare (about 50% of annual budget), as well as Ada County (14.5%), city of Boise (14%), St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center (12%), St. Luke's Health Systems (9%), and the city of Meridian (3%). Efforts are underway to request support from Garden City, Eagle, Kuna and Star. 

Facts about Allumbaugh House:

  • Patients voluntarily participate
  • Serves patients who cannot pay and many are homeless
  • Receives about 3,000 phone calls each year
  • Most patients seek help for alcohol abuse, followed by opiates and methamphetamine
  • Average cost for detox in a hospital: $1,500/night
  • Average cost for detox at Allumbaugh: $400/night

Allumbaugh House helps individuals and communities by diverting people who need medical help from the emergency room or jail. A spokesperson for the Ada County Jail estimates that the average time in jail for a person who has a mental health issue or chronic care condition is 50 percent longer than a those without. 

Heidi Hart, CEO of Terry Reilly, said she's still stunned at the overwhelming need despite having served thousands of patients since 2009.
"When we were building Allumbaugh House, I'm not sure we knew the magnitude of need that existed within the community," she said. "It's a steady pressure of people needing to get in, so we're constantly balancing a waiting list. I don't want to say we have exceeded our expectations, because if you think of it, that's sad, but the demand has [been] greater than I ever anticipated."

Read the full story"The Long and Winding Road to Success at Allumbaugh House"
August 30, 2017 - George Prentice, Boise Weekly  

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